Day 131

We have ridden 4000km! Photo: Andrew Hughes.
Photo: Andrew Hughes

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Emerald to Charters Towers

This video spans Emerald to Charters Towers in northern Queensland. It’s a long way between these two towns but there were only three places (Capella, Clermont and Belyando Crossing roadhouse) where we could get supplies and water.

There are many large grazing properties and mine sites along the road too. The rolling hills often gave us sweeping views over the landscape, but we also looked down to the ground and in the trees and bushes to find interesting invertebrates. Sometimes the most amazing things come in very small packages.

Watch the video carefully to see if you can identify some of the smaller wonders we found this week.

Watch the video on Vimeo or YouTube to see how it went. Or see our progress on our Google Map.