Day 122

Roma to Emerald. Photo: Andrew Hughes.
Photo: Andrew Hughes

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Roma to Emerald

From cattle on the road to bags of itchy caterpillars, this week we’ve been riding through central Queensland. The extreme dryness of New South Wales is well behind us now, with green grass everywhere.

The grasses themselves are really interesting as there is a blend of native species and introduced ones. One of the introduced species which you’ll see in the video is buffel grass. It has a mixed reputation for being good cattle grazing grass, but also invasive and causing environmental harm. With lots of trucks and other traffic on these roads it’s also a good time to think about bike safety and how you can play a part in keeping everyone safe on the road. Our next day off the bikes (video) will be way up at Charters Towers in about 8 days time.

Watch the video on Vimeo or YouTube to see how it went. Or see our progress on our Google Map.