Day -41

Bike gears. Photo: Olivia Skeers.
Photo: Olivia Skeers

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Swag Family News #2

Breaking news… Not only is today is the official launch of the Swag Family Curriculum Outlines but… wait for it… the Department of Education, Tasmania has given adventure learning the big thumbs up and is supporting our project in 2019! It’s a game changer. The grant will help us with web and curriculum development and keep us in touch with schools while on the road. Check out the latest newsletter link below for the full news, links to curriculum documents, and teacher EOI  —  but please SHARE this with teachers far and wide across Australia. Especially Tas DoE teachers as the classroom subscription will now be FREE for them. Special thanks to Webmistress, Patrick Badger Design, Nature. Be in it., Andy McRae, Bookend Trust.

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