Day -85

Bike flag. Photo: Andrew Hughes.
Photo: Andrew Hughes

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This project is 100% education focused and 100% family adventure focused. This model of Adventure Learning that we’ve been pioneering in Australia since 2007 (as Expedition Class by the Bookend Trust) means that the two are exactly the same thing. Our goal is to enrich and motivate the classroom experience for up to 15,000 kids around Australia in 2019. Real-life adventure with real-life learning, through quality curriculum and support for classrooms. It’s a proven method and our evaluation from previous projects shows equal enthusiasm from teachers and students. We’ve persisted with it for so long because it works, and it’s deeply satisfying to work with great teachers and motivated students as the light bulbs switch on to the wonders of the world outside.

Every dollar we raise through this fundraiser will go to fully subsidise a Classroom Subscription for schools from regional and remote areas, and for those with special circumstances. They will get the workbooks, moderated online forum access and a Skype from us during the journey. It will allow us to develop the new website by Webmistress web design and Patrick Badger Design, expand and complete the student workbooks and teacher guides, and purchase the filming and editing gear. This is all required as we step up the education and production value.

You can help us by donating or sharing. We’d really appreciate it.

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