Day 84

Bendigo to Hay. Photo: Andrew Hughes.
Photo: Andrew Hughes

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Bendigo to Hay

Week 12 was full of excitement. We rode across the flattest part of Australia, the Hay Plains. It was formed in an ancient shallow lake bed but there is not much water around here now!

This area is called the Riverina and it is experiencing the worst drought in memory. Farmer Ken McCrabb of Avenel (a 17,000 acre property), is 70 years old and he’s never seen the land so dry. What is a drought and what does it mean for the people and environment in affected areas?

We rode our longest distance of the expedition so far… 70 kilometers from north of Wanganella to Hay! It was mostly thanks to a strong headwind but maybe we are getting a bit fitter too.

Watch the video on Vimeo or YouTube to see how it went. Or see our progress on our Google Map.