Day 57

Aunty Patsy Cameron Photo: Andrew Hughes.
Photo: Andrew Hughes

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Aunty Patsy Cameron

Aunty Patsy Cameron grew up on Flinders Island and now lives in northeast Tasmania, close to Little Musselroe Bay where we met her.

Like many Tasmanian Aboriginal people she is a direct descendant of Mannalargenna, a revered clan leader within the Coastal Plains Nation at the time of British colonisation. Tebrakunna, the land of Mannalargenna’s clan, now includes the Cape Portland farm, and has more recently sprouted wind turbines to collect energy for the Woolworth Wind Farm company.

Aunty Patsy sat down with us in the campsite behind the lagoon and welcomed us to Country. Knowing of our recent misfortunes, her message included a special mention of staying safe as we continue our journey around Australia. Our interview was over an hour long and it was very difficult editing it down to this short film. The conversation touches on Aunty Patsy’s life growing up on Flinders Island and the deeper history of colonisation and it’s impacts. It’s a story we didn’t hear about when we were in school, so hopefully it helps to start new conversations in your classrooms.

Watch the video on Vimeo or YouTube to see how it went. Or see our progress on our Google Map.